Benefits of the Miracle Meal

20 02 2010

1. Neutralizes Poison

Your stomach can be likened to a biological pot. No matter how much you cook your food before eating, when it gets inside you, it is re-cooked. That is why what you pass out as waste does not look like the kind of food you ate.

When you take food in, it is reprocessed through digestion, absorption and assimilation – that is the recooking in your stomach, your biological pot.

The flesh of Jesus, the bread of life is the covenant meal that neutralises all body-poisons in your biological pot. If the meal in figure could effect instant de-poisoning of the body, then imagine what the original meal (the body of Jesus) will do.

Most sicknesses are virus-based. These viruses are microorganisms, whose presence eat up your strength and diminish your health and vitality.

One may also say that most sicknesses today are purely physiological disorders –imbalance in blood/water content, imbalance in the pressure level etc. The flesh of Jesus serves to normalise all imbalance in your body, making you a sound and strong dweller of the earth.

When you drop the ‘meal’ into your ‘pot’, the harm in it will be neutralised. That is why Jesus said if you eat of me, you have eternal life. My life replaces the death in your pot just as the death in the pot was destroyed in Elisha’s days.

Every dangerous thing that you have mistakenly eaten, which is now ravaging and tearing up or breaking down your body’s defences, will be neutralized by eating the flesh of Jesus. Any form of poison responsible for partial blindness, deafness, stomach disorder, chest problems, heart disease, blocked arteries, every form of body poison including AIDS, which is the breakdown of the immune system, will be swallowed up in victory by the meal of life.

As you partake of the meal see it as waging a total war against death.

Look at whatever has not been planted by God in your life and just picture the rod of Moses and its dramatic manifestation before Pharaoh. Whatever that rod was in the hand of Moses is what the flesh of Jesus is in your stomach – it will swallow up every contrary thing there.

When the meal was cast in the pot, death was terminated. Likewise, when the flesh arrives in to your biological pot, every poison hovering round your entire system is neutralised instantly.

See the flesh go through your lungs, liver, kidney, etc. to establish the Creator’s balance in all your organs.

2. An Eye Opener

The flesh also serves as an eye opener as we see in the encounter the disciples had after the resurrection of Jesus:

And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them.
And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.
Luke 24:30-31

When Jesus gave them His flesh their eyes were opened and they knew Him. As the disciples ate the bread, the rod went round their bodies swallowing up everything holding them down and suddenly, their “partial blindness” disappeared. This is one of the mysteries behind the breaking of bread.

Based on this teaching, a number of outstanding testimonies have been recorded in our Church.

Brother Solomon for example went blind after a venomous snake spat in his eyes but he stood on this revelation concerning the communion and received his sight. I quote his testimony as shared during one of our services at Faith Tabernacle.

“It was about 9p.m. As I was entering a compound, the lights went off and I had the instinct to turn back, but I took steps further. As soon as I entered, I felt that there was somebody standing behind the wall. Yet, I took a step further and then I felt something being sprinkled into my eyes twice. I pointed my torch to see who did that. Behold, it was a big cobra about to strike me! Instantly, I shouted, “The blood of Jesus!”, and the snake turned the other way, and that was all I saw —my vision went blank!

The second day, I was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said the poison must have got into my system. We went back home and continued to pray. The next day (in my house), I told my brother to prepare the communion based on the scripture that says when He [Jesus] gave the communion to His disciples, their eyes were opened. He went ahead and prepared the communion and I took it. As soon as I took it my eyes were opened! However, they were still swollen. Somebody then told me to get milk and use as an absorbent which I did. By Wednesday, the swelling cleared!”

3. Restores Mental Dignity

Another eye opening dimension of the flesh is that it imparts mental dignity. Jesus Christ is called the wisdom and the power of God. As He blessed the bread, broke it and gave the disciples to eat, the Bible says it affected their mentality. Their eyes were opened and they knew Him. Many people need such opening of eyes because every simple thing appears too difficult for too many people.

Can you imagine that two of the disciples were walking and talking to Jesus about Himself? ‘Do you know what happened in Jerusalem to one man called Jesus of Nazareth?’ they were asking Him. These two disciples had walked with Jesus and eaten with Him for three and a half years but their eyes were closed – they did not know Him until after He gave them His flesh.

All the wonders of life have their root in the wisdom of God so when God opens your eyes in a particular area, His wonders attend to the insight you have received. The miracle meal enhances the opening of the eyes of your understanding.

When you see a spiritually dull Christian (one who does not know the will of God and how to walk in it and is a daily concern), one of the treatments he needs is the miracle meal. Just serve him the communion, his eyes will be opened and he will know what to do, his struggles will end. No matter how impossible any situation seemed, Jesus knew what He was going to do (Jn. 6:6). At every communion table, there is a supernatural opening of your eyes that connects you to the wisdom of God which in turn commands the wonders (miracles) of God.

I have said it several times that I have never needed to pray about my family. Why? Because I know what to do to keep it running peacefully and it has been doing so. I cannot pray for money for this ministry. Never! Why? Because I know what to do. It is no secret, I have shared it openly many times; I have written it in most of my books, but just like the disciples could not recognize Jesus even when He sat in front of them, some people will still not understand what to do to get the same results I get until their eyes are supernaturally opened. Until understanding comes, there can be no impact. Take the flesh of Jesus to open your eyes to all issues relating to your desires from the word of God. Brother Idowu whose testimony is shared below did it:

“Just before the communion was served during one of the Communion services, the Bishop said, ‘What you need to break forth in business is not money, but an idea.’ That word sank into me and turned me on. Then, God gave me an idea. I got home, gathered the stipends from my Industrial Training programme, and went to the market to buy some men’s fabrics. I started selling them to my colleagues at work and I began making good profit.
Along the line, my boss called me and said, ‘That is a smart idea.’ With time, we came together and God gave us another idea. We agreed to start servicing supply orders.
By the end of that year, I made 21,000 naira from supplying men fabrics, and other materials, and 38,000 naira from supplying petroleum products, all amounting to N59,000.
I simply traded with ideas and they are multiplying. I give God all the glory.”

As you partake of His flesh, every mental degradation, mental blockage, loss of memory and so on will be cured and there will be a resounding restoration of mental dignity – Bishop David Oyedepo




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22 02 2010
veronica &paul


22 02 2010
Diane Chapman

God gives us always strength enough, and sense enough, for everything He wants us to do.
– John Ruskin

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