Trained To Reign

28 02 2010

I would like to highlight some of the benefits of training so that you will know what you stand to gain from proper training. Many adults today are paying a heavy price for resisting training in their growing up days; may your story be different in Jesus name.


– You turn out a better adult: The training you receive from your parents helps you lay a firm foundation upon which you build your adult life. This you are able to do using the lasting materials of strong values, discipline, and the fear of God which were instilled in you by your parents. The truth is that the quality of life you will live as an adult will be greatly determined by the training (or lack of it) that you received from your parents as well as other authority figures in your life when you were growing up. Think about tomorrow as you respond to your parents’ corrections, instructions and guidance today.

You have confidence to soar higher in life: Having subjected yourself to parental training, you gain mastery over yourself to be able to put aside limitations that would otherwise have hindered your rising. This imparts confidence to you to be able to pursue your dreams and visions without fear of being an undisciplined under-achiever.

– You become a source of joy to your parents: Every parent is proud of a child who responded positively to their training and has turned out right. May you not be a source of shame and sorrow of heart to your parents tomorrow.

– You become a good representative of your parents’ ministry: Nothing attests to and authenticates the validity of your parents’ calling like your life as their primary assignment which everyone can see.

– You can manage your inheritance properly: Without proper training, you will not be able to manage your life, assets, etc properly; and if care is not taken like some examples that abound in the world today, you may lose your inheritance to other well –trained individuals. Remember the prodigal son in Lk.15

– You enjoy all-round blessings.

Ultimately, training makes you better positioned to enjoy all that rightfully belongs to you in God. When you are trained, you are disciplined and therefore better able to handle your life’s affairs well.

I see you excelling in life in Jesus’ name.

Your personal relationship with God matters a lot. The grace to receive training is the privilege of those who are committed to God. Are you committed to God? You get committed by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as Your Lord and Saviour. That way, you are born again. Don’t assume your salvation at all. If you are not born again you need to invite Jesus into your heart by praying this prayer of faith: Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I realize that I am a sinner. Wash me, clean from my sin and make me a new creature.  Write my name in the Book of life.  Thank you for saving me. Now, I know that I am born again.

Congratulations!  Enjoy your life as a child of God.



2 responses

1 04 2010

jeus said ;let the dead bury the dead;so idont understand why christian have to be celebrated his death,why don’t we rather do what asks us to do(remember him through the lords supper)some one pls help explain this things to me

31 03 2010
Sinkalu abayomi

I love God

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