Praising God for Glorious Destiny

20 03 2010

Text: Isa 12:1-3, Col 3:16, Ecc 3:1

Aim: To let you know the importance of Joy as a necessary condition for praising God (Isa 12:3)

–         Encourage you to live a continuous joyful and praiseful life to enjoy greatness, because joy is a catalyst that will take you to your place of fulfillment. 1 Tess 5:16

–         To let you know that the absence of joy gives way to sorrow that breaks the spirit, thereby blocking one’s access to God. Pro 17:22

Introduction: If you are not merry or joyful, you are not qualified to praise God. But where there is gladness of heart, your praise ascends the throne, commanding divine attention and releasing you into a glorious destiny. James 5:13.

Joy offers unusual light and unusual understanding. By the time you engage the gear of joy, every other thing becomes automatic.


  1. Joy springs up praise and praise provoke the presence of God.
  2. Joy secures divine guidance and kindness. Isa 30:29.
  3. With joy and gladness of the heart, you will hear the voice of God clearly. Isa 30:3


  1. Depression: Sorrow or sadness – Joy attracts God, while sorrow is a natural habitat of Satan. Pro 15:13, 15. Sorrow is a bad spirit.
  2. Unforgiveness: To keep the evil someone has done against you in your heart. The bible says we should forgive and forget. Mark 11:25, Heb 12:1-2, 1 Pet 2:1-2.
  3. Looking at Past Failures: i.e remembering your past mistakes, instead of looking forward to a better future. Phil 3:13, Isa 43:18.

Memory Verse: Phil 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice”



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