Understanding the Covenant of Financial Prosperity

9 05 2010

Spiritual understanding is a key to maximizing kingdom blessings.

God is not a wicked god. The earth belongs to him likewise everything in heaven.

No matter how rich a man is, he will not give his 5 years old son/daughter a car to drive despite the love he has for him or her.

Likewise God, despite His love for you, until you are well trained and capable of handling financial prosperity, he will not hand over some financial responsibilities to you.

(Matt.13:23, Pr. 21:16,)

Some root causes of poverty.

  • The curse of waste (Pr.18:9, Lk.15:13-15) When Jesus fed the multitude, he told them to gather the leftovers. This simply means God hate wasters.
  • The curse of stealing (Zech. 5:4) Taking things that does not belong to you. The more of others you take, the little for yourself you receive. When you take things that don’t belong to you as a believer either in your place of work, place of studies etc, you are simply telling God “You are too slow God, i can provide for myself”
  • The curse of Satan (Ps. 16:4, Col. 1:13) Idolatry is a key enemy of covenant financial wealth either knowingly or unknowingly. Some people made money their God and refuse to look unto the most high for their daily supply.
  • The curse of idleness. (Pr.13:4) A major yet overlooked cause root. Idleness is gateway to a life of poverty.  An idle soul shall suffer hunger (Pro 19:15)


  • To establish His covenant – ( Deut. 8;18, II Cor. 8;9, Gal. 3;13-14)
  • To rescue the saints from shame- (Joel 2:21-27, II Pet. 1;3)
  • To enjoy abundant life – (I Tim. 6:17-19)
  • To promote the kingdom – (Zech. 1:17, Deut. 26;20-16)
  • To bless humanity – (Gen. 12:1-3, 22;:17-19, II Cor. 8;6, I Tim. 6:17-19)

© I Love God Ministries 2010




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