MIND THE ROOT… start doing something

21 05 2010

Pretence is a major decease that plagues the youth of our time.  Rather than dealing with the root cause
of a predicament most people are busy trying to change the fruit of it.

:      If you want a change of fruit, check the root.

:      If you want the healthiness of the branches, treat the root.

:      If you want the nourishing of the tree mind the root.

:      Every point in life is largely root determined. What goes well above the surface of the earth starts from below the surface.

:      Never try to “make up” outwardly rather “make well” the “hidden”.

:      When the unseen is well taken care of the life without will be good for all to see. Matt. 13:6. “And the sun was up, they were scorched and because they had no root, they withered away”.

Therefore, start doing something…..

You can take nothing from life till you do something with your life.

What God does for you is initiated by what you do for yourself.

Your making is between you and God.

Do what you can before you ask Him to do what you can’t.

Paul said, “I can do”… Phil.4:13.

What you do and what grace does is what makes you complete.

It is your action that initiates God’s action.

Make something great out of your life by doing something in  a great way today!

See you at the Top.

Isaac  Success Olaoye



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