22 05 2010

Wake up, young man! Everything in life happens in the process of time. Never get deceived that you have something waiting for you in your future. Now is your time. Never allow this season of your life pass you by.

No man except God has custody of time. Anyone who says ? I have time, have already lost the time.

But those who work with the mentality of I’m behind schedule are always stirred up to catch up with time. Yesterday is the best time to do whatever you want to do. Today is getting too late and tomorrow may get completely impossible.

Opportunities are stepping stones to greatness in life.

Interestingly we all have opportunities knocking on our doors on a daily basis.

The missing gap is promptness of response to these opportunities.  Most people are too slow to catch up with the speed of opportunities that comes their ways.  Only prompt response can attract and arrest opportunity.

May yours not be transferred to your neighbor!  Will you pray this prayer now!

Lord, grant me promptness of action and sense of urgency that
will enable me to take appropriate steps.

Make me to respond to the future beckoning to me; rather than holding back by the circumstance(s) that is around me.

By the nudging of the Spirit, I respond to every urge of the
Spirit to act with speed.

By the blood of Jesus I destroy every delay or procrastination.

Isaac Success Olaoye

Coiled from “David Abioye Ministries”



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