6 06 2010

Imagine a world without children.

Smiles on Mothers faces will vanish.

Without children, fathers will have no one to help them.

Without children, birds will stop singing melodiously,

Flowers will wither, animals will grow sick

Without children, the earth will have no one to rule and guide them.

Without children, there will have been no one to kill goliath

But with children,

Flowers will blossom for me and you to pluck

Smiles on mother’s faces will re-appear like Sarah

Fathers will have someone to help them

Death will be killed in victory

And the world will be fill with joy

Children are today’s shooting star and tomorrows leaders.

We are the future President, Vice President, Governors, scientist and discoverers

Happy Children Day Celebrations.

Written & Submitted by: Iheke Elekwachi Udor

Children Department Living Faith Church, Abakaliki

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