13 06 2010

Aim: To let you know that the greatest helper you have is the Holy Spirit – Rom 8:26

To let you know that there is nothing the word of God cannot create – Gen 1:3

To let you know that the help of God is available for you in every area of your lives.

Text: Rom 8:2b, 1 Cor 2:13, Lev 6:12-13, 1 Kg 18:36-40

What is Help? – It is an act of assisting a person to contribute to the performance or completion of a work that can not be single handedly done.

Why do we need God’s Help?

  • To face the challenges of life – Ps 46:1
  • It sets confusion in the camp of the enemy – 2 Chro 20:23
  • For creative ability (you invent what no man has invented) E.g king Uzziah – 2 Chr:26:15

To delivers us from wicked /unreasonable men – Ps 37:40

Vain is the help of man – Ps 18:19


  1. 1. In form of Fire – e.g Jesus put fire wood in the disciples for three and half years and answers them by fire on Pentecost – Act 2:1-4

–         Elijah calls for fire in form of Help – 1 Kg 18:37-39

  1. 2. By speaking in tongues – this is the helps language and the devil does not understands it – 1 Cor 14:2


  1. Be born again – Ps 18:2, Ps66:8, Jn 3:3 – confess your sins before Him
  2. Put the wood in order (gather the word/scripture) for that situation and God will glorify Himself in your life – 1 Kg 18:33
  3. Meekness – Num 12:3, Matt 5:5
  4. Humility – 1 Cor 15:9
  5. Give Him praise – 2 Chr 20:21, 1 Kg 18:34
  6. Give thanks always – 1 Tess 5:18

MEMORY VERSE “The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.”– Lev 6:13

© I Love God Ministries June 2010. Email: welovegod for more info.

Isaac Success Olaoye




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