God’s Way Is Best

20 06 2010

We may know how to claim our inheritance. We may be good at declaring, “Healing is mine. Prosperity is mine!” But how can we get the tremendous power of the Holy Spirit that resides  on the inside of us — the power that raised Jesus from the dead — out onto the problems that face us so those blessings can be Manifested in our lives? And even more importantly, how can we discover our divine call?

Well, are we so wise that we can find a better way to answer those questions than the way God gave us when He designated the Holy Spirit to come and represent us?

You see, God didn’t trust us to any of the many thousands of angels in His service. We’re worth more than that to Him. No, He went as high as He could go and entrusted us to the Holy Spirit Himself, who then came to take up residency in us. So how can we fail when the third Person of the Godhead creates the prayer and the other two members of the Godhead see to it that it comes to pass? I’d call that a foolproof plan!

God’s Wisdom Against Satan’s Strategies

The day you decide to lock yourself in your prayer closet to spend some quality time with the Lord in prayer — that is the day you will enter Heaven’s classroom here on earth with the Holy Spirit as your Teacher. You need that “classroom” if you’re ever going to fulfill your divine calling.

Remember, God tells us to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves (Matt. 10:16).

Why would God say something like that? Because Satan has an entire arsenal of weaponry that can only be combated by the wisdom of God.

For instance, suppose Satan walks in the room with horns and a tail and says, “Pardon me, nice Christian, while I remove the Word of God out of your heart.” You would look at him and say,

“You’re not getting my Word!”

He says, “Why not?”

“Because you’re the devil!”

“What gave me away?” he asks.

“Your horns and your tail.” (That’s the traditional way the devil dresses in Christian folklore.)

At that point, the devil says, I’ll never come dressed this way again. I’ll go get a sheepskin and put it on. Then I’ll sneak in unawares and steal the Word out of you. You won’t even know who’s doing it because I’ll use religion to seduce you. I’ll use circumstances. I’ll blame it on the economy. Or I’ll blame it on your husband or your wife. But one way or another, I will take the Word of God out of you, and you won’t even know who’s doing it!”

Jesus let us know that Satan only comes for one reason in three parts: to kill, to steal, and to destroy (John 10:10). And you may as well know — the devil is good at it! He doesn’t do anything else but those three things. Killing, stealing, and destroying have been his specialties ever since his light went out and he fell from Heaven (Isa. 14:12). And if you misjudge him — if you don’t take him seriously — he can destroy you!

Now you see why we must be as wise as serpents yet as harmless as doves. Yet some people say they don’t need the Holy Ghost’s help in prayer. They push His language aside and refuse to allow Him to pray the mind of God for them hour after hour. Who do they think they’re operating against — a spiritual wimp?

Satan is not an enemy to take lightly. He’s a smart fellow, and he comes for only one reason: to kill. He doesn’t do anything else; he doesn’t know anything else. And if you don’t take care of his strategies by the wisdom of God, he will succeed in killing everything good in your life.

Since this is true, how can a believer consider spending two or three hours in prayer a sacrifice?

What is he really saying? “I made a big personal sacrifice last night. I let God pray for me for three hours!”

No, that believer didn’t make a big sacrifice. He just enjoyed the priceless privilege of praying in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit created a prayer language on the inside of him that tapped into the mind of Christ and the infinite wisdom of Almighty God for his life!

It’s beyond my natural understanding how that supernatural process works. But I guarantee you, I will use what He has given me!

My Heavenly Father has promised me this, and I can pass it on to you: If you will faithfully continue to get to know God by His Spirit — and an important part of that process is praying in other tongues — then five years from now, you will not be the same. You won’t look back over the years and lament that every day was the same, one month just like the next, until three and then four years slipped by, and you ended up just as defeated and unchanged as you were at the beginning of that time period.

No, if you will pursue God by the Spirit, then at the end of five years, you will be able to look back and see that you have experienced spiritual growth. You have changed for the better.

You are getting to know Jesus Himself as the Holy Spirit reveals Him to you. And you are well on your way to fulfilling your divine call as it unfolds before you!

The Walk of the Spirit The Walk of Power




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