14 07 2010

Environment plays a vital role in the making of a man.

Motor mechanics are made around mechanics.

Prophets are made among prophets.

Teachers are made by teaching.

In the same way another leader is about to be made when an ordinary person is found seated among leaders.

:      By staying around leaders, You learn the practice and principles.

You rob on the anointing and grace; and you experience the elevation.  Ex. 33:9-11.

:      By following leaders,The foot steps are clear to you. Matt.4:19.

You cannot follow leaders and miss your steps. You don’t follow leaders to end as a non-entity.

Hang around leaders to emerge as another leader.


A major challenge that leaders face is that of isolation.

Isolation results on the account of either pride (sense of independence) or discouragement (sense of failure & abandonment).

Isolation is a most expensive risk.  Don’t try it. The chance of surviving it is completely zero.

As powerful as Elijah was, he couldn’t escape the devastation of it.  He ended up committing spiritual suicide.

Jesus the most anointed was always in the company of minimum of His disciples.

He sent His disciples to go in two.

Paul always have companion in ministry with Him.

It causes irreparable damage. No matter what happens to you, never stay isolated.

No one is created to be to himself all alone.



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18 07 2010

Thank You And God Bless You!!1

17 07 2010

Hi My Name is Regina And i Really Need Some Prayer And The Reason i am Asking For Prayer is i Had My Own Apartment But it Was a Racist Thang Going On That i Had To Move Out Of My Apartment The Same Month Which That Month Was This Month Of July And Now i am Living With My Daughter And Her Three Kids And She Really Do Not Have That Much Of Room For Me And You See i Only Get 628.00 Every First Of The Month i Get 245.00 On The First Of The Month And i Get 423.00 On The Third Of The Month So i am Praying And Hoping That i Can Find a Apartment For Me In My Price Range And i Hope i Find Something Before School Start’s Because i Want To Go Back Too School In The Fall And Please Pray For My Brother Also He is Homeless Too We Thought He Had a Place But His Little Girl Mother Moved Out From Him And Did Not Tell Him Anything And He’s Only Have a Half Of a Foot On One Leg And Only Three Toes On The Other Leg He Have Diabetes And She Just Left Him By Him Self So Now We Me And My Brother is Homeless And No Where To Go But With My Daughter And My Brother Will Have To Move Over Here With Me At My Daughter Apartment Also So Please Please Pray For Me And My Brother Thank You And God Bless

18 07 2010

We’ve added your Request to our Prayer List.
It is Settled

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