Diversities of Tongues In God’s Government

26 07 2010

We’ve seen that the diversities of tongues is an entire operation of God placed into God’s government to serve a crucial purpose. To deny it is to deny the perfecting of the Body of Christ.

So let’s find out more about the role of diversities of tongues in God’s government and the reason God would designate an entire operation to it. I want you to understand what He has made available to us through this awesome gift of speaking with tongues — a gift that Satan has deceived many into believing is either obsolete or insignificant.

The Unique Nature Of Diversities of Tongues

There is only one operation we can fulfill immediately after we are born again: the eighth operation of diversities of tongues. The moment we receive Jesus as Savior, we can also receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and begin to speak with other tongues, which begins our spiritual qualification for any and all of the other operations to which we may be called.

A person cannot become a mighty apostle or prophet five minutes after he is born again even if that is what he is called to be. He first must become qualified, trained, prepared, and seasoned by the Holy Spirit before God will separate him to the office he is called to.

That’s true with any of the first seven operations listed in First Corinthians 12:28. Not everyone is qualified to teach God’s Word. You can tell that by the people who nod off to sleep while some ministers teach! A person can’t immediately enter into a full-blown ministry operating in the working of miracles or gifts of healings either.

In every one of the first seven operations, including helps and governments, a person must first be found faithful and receive the equipping of the Holy Ghost before he can fulfill the operation to which he is called.

On the other hand, a person can move into the eighth operation instantaneously with his rebirth.

Suppose the person responds to an altar call and says, “I receive Jesus as Savior.” Then someone steps up and says to him, “You just received God’s nature. Now you need to be filled with the Holy Ghost.”

He asks, “What are you talking about?” He learns that because his spirit just became the receptor of a new nature, he is now able to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. “Yes, I’d like to be filled with the Holy Ghost,” he says.

“Then receive the Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father.”

All of a sudden, the person’s chin starts shaking. “Speak it out,” he is instructed. His mouth starts forming words, and soon he is speaking in tongues. He dances around for days, speaking in his new language with great joy.

Why did God design it that way? Why are tongues available to us instantaneously with our rebirth? Because praying in tongues has everything to do with our becoming prepared and qualified for our particular calling. And as we pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit is able to build into our heart the understanding of God’s will for our personal lives.

Sometimes people get the baptism of the Holy Ghost mixed up with the new birth. However, there is a great difference between being born again and receiving the indwelling fullness of the Holy Spirit’s Presence.

The Holy Spirit is a Person just as each of us is a person. When we were born again, we received Him in the creative process that caused us to become new creations. But we didn’t receive Him in His fullness until we were baptized in the Holy Ghost. Now He lives inside us, partnering with us in prayer, empowering our lives, and bringing revelation of the Word as we walk in obedience to God.

It is God’s will that the moment we are born again, we lift our hands in submission and praise to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That’s the very best way to be filled with the Holy Spirit. But the devil has managed to separate the new birth from the baptism of the Holy Spirit through divisions of doctrines so that now, as a rule, the two experiences don’t occur together.




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