6 08 2010

Scriptural Reference: – Genesis 2:15 “And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”
1. To instill in us a commitment to hard work for a life of dignity – Ecc. 9:8)
2. To make each one to see that God honors and rewards productive labors
3. To give us an understanding that resourceful Christian lifestyle is rooted in intelligent work ethics
4. To stir up grace for ‘hardness’ to guard against vacuum that creates room for unproductive activities.

What is Productivity?

In summary, Productivity means the efficacy with which output is produced by a given set of inputs.
Thus, if you do not like your outputs then change your inputs.

Productivity is no accident. The results we obtain in life are traceable to our deliberate and conscious actions. We must accept full responsibility for our anticipated desires – Prov 6:6-9
Until you devote your expended energy to your work, productivity is not in view.
Those who cannot endure the pressures of today never live to enjoy the pleasures tomorrow (2 Tim. 2:3). For a consistent success in all life’s pursuits, we must give up the ever present desire to live a life of leisure and choose to remain productively engaged.
Your future is insecure when you treat your work with levity.
Where you end up in life will be the direct result of your willingness to pour yourself in your tasks.
For in the race of life, only those who pays the ‘price’ ever win the ‘prize’.

Why Productivity?
a. It glorifies God in your life (JOHN 15:8)
b. It provides the opportunity for public testimony in praise to God (MATT. 5:16)

Folks, hard work does not KILL. Jesus Christ testifies that He must WORK the work of His Father when he was here on earth. Remember when His disciples went in search of food for Him? Before they came back, the Master was already teaching.
Refuse to be Lazy.
I curse every spirit of Laziness in your Life and Destiny in Jesus Name! Amen.




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