28 08 2010

“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”- Mk 9:2.

Therefore, according to the above quoted scripture, Faith is the master key to a world of supernatural breakthrough and possibilities (Heb 11:29-30,32- 34; Dan 3:28, Dan 6:23)

Everything outstanding in the Kingdom is a product of great faith in action. No Faith, No Fame. (Heb 11: 11-12, 17-19; Lk1: 45)

Faith is believing when it seems as if there is nothing (Circumstance without anything to behold) to believe

How faith works:

  • Faith commits God to intervene in the affairs of the saints. (2Chr 20:20-24, Lk 1:45)

God is not a wicked God. He is our Heavenly father. Therefore, whenever we need him to intervene in our affairs, all we need is FAITH and he will show up.

  • Faith provokes the release of the supernatural. With faith, you operate at a different level; far above the explanations of man (Jn 14:12,Jn 6: 28- 29)
  • Faith establishes man’s companionship with God that makes him unbeatable in the race of life (Gen 5:24, Heb 11:5-6, Rom 8:31)
  • Faith is man’s gateway to victory any day, anytime and anywhere (1Jn 5:4, Eph 6:16) faith id not a looser. As the Lord liveth, His words are bound to come to pas. All you need brethren is a little more faith.
  • Finally, it is according to everyman according to his faith (Matt 9: 23, Hab 2:4).

You cannot be more successful than the level of Faith you have in God and in what you are doing.

Begin to operate in what I call TOTAL FAITH IN GOD. A level where your language is “If God Cannot Do It For Me, Nobody Can”




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