1 09 2010

There is nothing greater than the knowledge of the truth of God’s word which is what sets free. Without the knowledge of truth, you will be groaning in the dark, not knowing what next step to take. Eph 6:12. The bible tells us that he armed his trained servants. Psalm 18:34.

WHAT IS PROPHESY – Prophesy is leading your voice to the truth of God’s word that is planted in your heart by the Holy Spirit. 1 Tim 1:18.

Declarations made under such divine circumstances cannot but produce in the line with the word of God.

The word of God has a prophetic nature that makes a mess of life’s mountains and negative circumstance providing triumph with ease, as if the battles are not real (2Pet 1:19)

Some Results Of Prophecy (Psalm 29:4)

The first result of prophetic declaration is the release of power for accomplishment – Psalm 29:5

The next benefit is that the toughest of cedars will bow to the word of God.


Your tongue is a seed of creation that has been programmed to bear fruit for you. Job 6:25.

Ehen you speak the truth of God’s word, you are sowing seeds of truth that will germinate and bring forth the fruits of your desire.




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