1 09 2010

There is a city of refuge in God, where you can run to for covering from evil ones – Ps 132:13-14.

Zion is God ordained place of refuge for the oppressed. It is the place of appointment with God. Zion is not an ordinary geographical location, it is God’s habitation. It is the city of refuge, where God keeps appointment with his people and guarantees them refuge from the wicked one.

Benefits of appearing in Zion (City of Refuge)

  1. Renewal of strength
  2. Blood of sprinkling

God is a city of refuge and a building of support in times of trouble.

The city of refuge is therefore where you can run to for protection and safety.

Your own city of refuge can be the Church or anywhere where you can worship God in Spirit and in truth.

It can even be in your Closet.

Always spend quality time with God to have his plans outlined out for you. He is the Alpha and Omega. He has the Master Plan of your life and destiny with him.

Run to Him Today. Run to the City of Refuge.



2 responses

12 09 2010
Susan MacMullen

God is THE one, true, LIVING, God. (upper case ‘G’)
god (lower case ‘g’) is not. It’s an idol and it’s why God, in the Old Testament scriptures was clear when He said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”
It saddens and disheartens me that you would compromise what you say you believe, to please the masses. Either you stand for what you believe…or you don’t. Period. This is nothing more than lukewarm Christianity…….Christ wants us to either be hot or cold….but not lukewarm. There’s no commitment, otherwise.

12 09 2010
I Love God

Hello Susan, Peace be unto you.
If you are referring to our Fan page on Facebook, we are really working in having the Letter Changed Back to what it used to be before. Facebook seized our authentication rights for violation of their terms and use (which they failed to explain as there was nothing of such) and went further to changing the capital G to a small one. Please bear with us or move to our facebook Group instead as suggested on the fan page which we have full control over.

Thank you for your understanding

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