Inward Transformation Before Outward Change

24 09 2010

So many people, although hungry for more of God and stirred up in their spirits to pray much in the Holy Ghost, gave up before any noticeable results had occurred. Then I realized that most of those people had given up because they were looking for their answers in the wrong place.

Let me give you an example. Suppose a believer gets all excited about praying in tongues.
He decides, Look out, devil! I’m going to lock myself away somewhere and pray in tongues an hour every day. And woe to the man who tries to get in my way to stop me! He’ll have boot marks on his back end!
So this man marches to his prayer closet with a ten-pound Bible under his arm. Yes, sir, he’s going to pray in tongues an hour every day. There’s just one problem. He’s coming into this commitment as a manic-depressive suffering from a terminal disease who is in the process of filing bankruptcy!
But this man doesn’t care, because he’s found the answer. He thinks, I’ve found someone who knows my weakness and will pray for my problem. Everything is going to be different now! Continue Reading




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