Deal with Worries and Anxieties God’s Way

28 09 2010

What do you usually worry about? Are you ever anxious, as far as what to eat or wear, for tomorrow? How do you usually deal with your worries and anxieties?
Worry is an emotional problem that plagues the lives of multitudes of Christians. CONTINOUS WORRY can affect every part of the human body. Worry causes a stress reaction. Constant activation of this stress response can put a person at a higher risk for psychological and physical problems. We can believe in Jesus as our Savior and still be guilty of the sin of worry. The reason we worry is because we are so much under the control of feelings and negative emotions that our spiritual man cannot take control of our mind to where we dwell upon the Word of God and have the mind of Christ.Instead of worrying, reach out in faith, confess your sin, and touch the Lord. When you worry about a problem, you are reaching out and touching it with the hand of unbelief. That only makes it worse. When we worry we bind and discredit our faith. It is totally unfounded for us to worry, because throughout the Bible God says don’t worry, everything is going to be all right if you put your trust in me. Cont’d Reading




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