Use The Key – Keys to The Next Level

7 01 2011

You heard me right friends, use the key. Life is cheap and easy to overcome once you know and follow the principles governing it.

Its not enough to know the principles but you need to apply them. Many of us bump on our door again and again despite the key been on our hand or in our pocket. We tend to open with force that which could give us easy access via the application of the right key.

I bumped on the door approximately four times today. See, I locked the door each and every time I leave the room but whenever I get back, I’ll have tried using my strength (my shoulder) with force to open the door before remembering the key was either in the lock hole just waiting for me to turn or in my pocket. Friends, likewise many believers, we tend to force our way to the top. We tend to force our way to our promotions and achievements instead of using the right key.

Types of Keys (Click on any of the below to view post)

–          Fasting & Prayer
–          Praise & Worship
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