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What shall we offer God for all his Faithfulness, Love and Mercies towards us?

I Love God Ministries over the years have being sounding the trumpet to rekindle Gods Love in our Hearts as Believers.

Visit our Website I Love God Site for More edifying words and be a part of this great move.

The Love of God is working like fire for the liberation of mankind across the nations.

God’s presence powered by His Love is the magnetic force that causes a release of the supernatural.

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6 responses

3 10 2010

I am willing to know more adout God.

4 10 2010
I Love God

Hello Cecilia, Thanks for your interest in knowing God More. I Know and i believe that God wants to know you too more. So, Visit our Free Download Page to take advantage of free materials that might help you in your quest and don’t forget to CLICK HERE and Subscribe for our Mailing list to have new post delivered to you right in your in box free of charge. Welcome Cecilia.

19 01 2010

This letter may seem strange to begin with, but please rest assured when I explain why I am writing, you will understand. The main reason I am writing is because I am steadfast in saving my marriage. In this day and time, people are divorcing at alarming rates. I don’t wont to be another statistic. I am willing to do everything I can to save this marriage to my husband. We have only been married a little over two years. God, my kids and my husband are the up most important things to me. My life is incomplete without my family.
I am asking, begging, pleading, whatever the case may be, to please help myself, my husband and our families to save this marriage. At least allow us a chance. I have sent out, mailed, posted online over 8000 prayer request. I pray daily, I seek Gods word, I stand in faith, I fast. This is the time of year that families need to be together, to rise up and fight the devil who is trying to destroy everything and everyone in his path. I made a vow that I was NOT going to let the devil win.
Again, I am asking for help. I WANT to save our marriage and with prayer and people such as yourselves, this can be achieved. It took a lot of courage to write and ask for help, but I am turning to you in my time of need. PLEASE help us PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
You may contact me at: My husband:
Tammy Wright Moore Todd Moore
126 Forest Drive 504 Fayetteville Rd.
Rockingham, NC 28379 Rockingham, NC 28379
910-817-9544 910-895-2977 or 910-334-9382
I am asking for a prayer request for reconciliation and restoration in my marriage to Todd Moore. I also would like for God to touch Todd’s heart and soften it and show him the love I his wife has for him. And also that God help Todd fight the devil. Todd cant do this alone, he needs help. I love my husband and I have been forgiven of past sins. I want to save our marriage and make a Godly difference in Todd’s life. And for God to remove the scales from Todd’s eyes, lift him up, show him the love his family has for him

Sincerely and God Bless,
Tammy Wright Moore

19 01 2010

Peace Tammy Wright Moore… Peace.
We will remember you in our prayer session this evening.
Your Prayer Request have already being printed and will be lifted up to God.
There’s No Case that is impossible for God to Handle.

We will love you to just do something for us:
Whenever this issue flashes your mind again, Just Praise God.
Don’t know what to praise God for? Praise him for the gift of life, for your children, for answering your prayers already. Just keep praising God.

No Mountain can stand Praise because it provokes the presence of the Lord.
Your Marriage is Coming Back on Track….In Jesus Name…Amen.

We Love You.

6 01 2010

I thank God for this website, and I really look forward to receiving many wonderful texts about God.

10 01 2010

All Glory to God Almighty. You are welcome.

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