Free Downloads

Here are Links to Free Download-able Christian Materials for your Edification:

1. Full King James Version Bible (Christians Power Manual)

2. The Walk of The Spirit, The Walk of Power – by Dave Roberson.


3. Speaking in Tongues – by Dave Roberson

Audio Record of Dave Roberson Interview

4. How to Become a Christian / Christian Starter Kit – by John Edmiston (Twelve Basic Studies for Beginning Christians)

5. A Brief Introduction in the Worship of God – John Owen

6. Discovering the Purpose of Womanhood – Ameerah Lewis

7. Principles of Healing

8. Sex, God & Marriage – Christoph Arnold

9. Working for God – Andrew Murray

10. Keeping your Parish Financially Healthy – Harold B. Averkamp

11. Bible Studies for Small Groups – Rev. John Matson

For more Information / Downloads, Visit our WEBSITE.

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17 06 2010
The Holy Spirit Prays for Us « Proclaim The Gospel

[…] a free download of The Walk of the Spirit,The Walk of Power visit our Free Download Page Explore posts in the same categories: […]

18 05 2010
Benjie Parker

I have recently been saved.It feels good 2 work for God n worship him everyday!

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