Not Saved?

Your personal relationship with God matters a lot.

The grace to receive training is the privilege of those who are committed to God.

Are you committed to God? You get committed by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as Your Lord and Saviour and Obeying His Commandments. Salvation is not a short cut from obeying God.

That way, you are born again. Don’t assume your salvation at all. If you are not born again you need to invite Jesus into your heart by praying this prayer of faith: “Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I realize that I am a sinner. Wash me, clean from my sin and make me a new creature. Write my name in the Book of life.  Thank you for saving me. Now, I know that I am born again.”

Congratulations! You are now born again and a child of God. I await testimonies of glorious turn-a rounds in your life.

Remember, Christianity does not stop at accepting Christ as your Savior; It goes beyond that. You need to build up your faith for the great task ahead of you.

How? By hearing and reading the word of God – Keeping every of his Commandments.

Christianity is no longer a mere religion but a personal relationship with God.

Therefore, there are lots of Materials for your Edification on our WEBSITE

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3 responses

31 08 2010
Rob Peralta

I Thank God for servants like you! You know the truth and “act” upon it. Keep it up my brother. Sincerely Rob

31 08 2010

That is true that we need to REPENT and believe that Christ is our Lord and Savior first. But what are we repenting about? That we continued to trespass His Holy Law. Therefore once we become “in” Christ, we live according to His Holy Law (The 10 Commandments). Jesus was very clear ” IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS” (John 14:15)

So as a helpful reminder, you may want to add some guidance to “obeying” Christ once you “accept” Him. Unfortuantely many believe it’s a “free” ride once you become a Christian and there’s not need for Commandment keeping.

31 08 2010
I Love God

Thank you Rob Peralta. Well noted

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