Gods Word Produces Wonders

11 09 2010

This is to let you know brethren that there is power (weight) and a very potent force in what Gods word says concerning your affairs.

If the word says “You are healed”, then you are healed.

If it says you are Rich, trust me; riches are yours.

If it says you cannot die, then you are going to see your 3-4 generation if Christ tarries. Read the rest of this entry »


Today’s Giants

7 09 2010

[Satan] stabs me, making breach after breach and attacking again and again; he runs at me like a giant… (Job 16:14 AMP)

Some people don’t believe in giants. They believe if they live holy, faith-filled lives in Christ Jesus that giants don’t really exist for them today. But that doesn’t make them any less real, though. In fact, throughout the generations our Father’s never-failing Word has instructed His people concerning giants, carefully explaining how they were born when the fallen sons of God (angels) lived with the daughters of man (Genesis 6:4), and that He raised up several men to wipe them out: Moses (Joshua 13:12), David (1 Samuel 17 and 2 Samuel 21:22), Sibbecai (2 Samuel 21:18), and Elhanan (2 Samuel 21:19). And since there is no further mention of giants in the writings of the New Testament, I think we can safely conclude that these men of God were successful in their assignment of annihilating the physical giants of the past.

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