Christian marriage can have the best help around if things go unplanned – The Bible.

Right from the very beginning, couples have to rely on the Holy Scriptures for guidance.

HOWEVER, just like anything in this imperfect world, it’s precisely because of this fact that many people, even those within the Christian community have a lot of misconceptions about how to save a Christian marriage.

If one wants to learn how to save a Christian marriage, he has to shun these misconceptions and be armed with the truth.

I’ll be laying down some of these myths and misconceptions that are gravely handicapping couples from truly learning how to save a Christian marriage.


It’s easy to fall for this trap of thinking that you and your partner are perfect and are capable of NOT making any human errors. This sets you up for a stinging frustration when a loving couple errs.

Keep in mind that Christian couples are NOT perfect by any means.

They’re made of flesh and blood like everyone else – they’ll be making mistakes and will definitely need help when that happens.

What distinguish them from every others couple is the Help of the Holy Spirit and the UNDERSTANDING of God’s. “Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.” Eph 5:33

“The Bible is everything you need to fix a marital problem.”

Yes, you may have read verses or even asked your marriage counselor for advice.

You may have told your partner about it but without acting together to get that advice applied – it won’t make a single dent of change for your marriage.

The marriage NEEDS you – BOTH of you to take action and save it via studying of God’s Word and finding solution in it.

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A family is a group of people that consists of parents and their children. It can be likened to a train with the head and other attached coaches. Inside the coaches are blessings beyond monetary value: love, joy, peace, abundance, victory, etc. But without a key to each coach, you cannot access these benefits.

The quality of the future generation depends largely on the quality of the family today. God was practically involved in the institution of the family unit; He did the joining and He commissioned it (Genesis 2:21-24). God’s intention is for everyone to enjoy a blissful family life.

Everyone on earth belongs to a family. Therefore, no one is exempted from the blessings that flow from this divine institution. God has a plan for making you a member of the particular family to which you presently belong.

However, you require knowledge to access the benefits that should accrue to you, for being a member of your family. The knowledge you will acquire from this site, will help you to access these benefits.

May your generation call you blessed!

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MIND THE ROOT… start doing something

Pretence is a major decease that plagues the youth of our time.  Rather than dealing with the root cause of a predicament most people are busy trying to change the fruit of it.

:      If you want a change of fruit, check the root.

:      If you want the healthiness of the branches, treat the root.

:      If you want the nourishing of the tree mind the root.

:      Every point in life is largely root determined. What goes well above the surface of the earth starts from below the surface.

:      Never try to “make up” outwardly rather “make well” the “hidden”.

:      When the unseen is well taken care of the life without will be good for all to see. Matt. 13:6. “And the sun was up, they were scorched and because they had no root, they withered away”.

Therefore, start doing something…..

You can take nothing from life till you do something with your life.

What God does for you is initiated by what you do for yourself.

Your making is between you and God.

Do what you can before you ask Him to do what you can’t.

Paul said, “I can do”… Phil.4:13.

What you do and what grace does is what makes you complete.

It is your action that initiates God’s action.

Make something great out of your life by doing something in  a great way today!

See you at the Top.

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10 09 2010
Christian Women « I Love God Ministries

[…] Family […]

9 05 2010

Ephesians 4:4-6 Amp: There Is One Body and One SPIRIT – just as there is also One HOPE that Belongs to the Calling you received – There is One LORD, One FAITH, One Baptism. One GOD and FATHER of us All, WHO Is Above All, Sovereign Over All, Pervading All and Living in us All.

We that are Belivers of CHRIST are One in CHRIST JESUS. We See HIM no matter what.

31 03 2010

What denomination do you belong to? Are you Mormans, Jahova Witness, Church of God, Baptist.

1 04 2010

Though we are many, But we are one body in Christ..

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